Private Limited Company Formation

Private Limited Company is one of the most popular legal entity in India. In simplified terms, its a proper Company registration in India with the ministry of corporate affairs and gives you rights doing business anywhere in India or outside. MCA register your Private Limited Company and provide to you CIN Number with Certificate of Incorporation. At the end of the process, you have to simply open a current bank account on the basis of Certificate and Start your Company Operations.

Private Limited Company registration name availability

Basically, in the private limited Company, you have to choose a unique name. because once a name has been registered with the MCA then no one other Company take over the same name. It's just like Brand Registration.So you have to provide 3 - 4 name during the name approval process during the Private Limited Company Registration Process. once you provide the Company name, then MCA will check the same and approved as per the name availability rules and regulations. you can check here about How to Search a Company Name.

It takes minimum 14 days to complete incorporation of the Private Limited Company.

Private Limited Company Rules

  1. Require minimum 2 directors.
  2. Authorised Share Capital: Minimum 1 Lakh Rupees

Documents required for Private Limited Company

  1. Basic KYC Documents of the Directors as PAN + Voter id/Passport/Driving License etc.
  2. Business Address Proof-like Latest utility bill (Electric bill/Telephone bill/Gas Bill) or latest tax receipt/ownership deep of the property to be used for a registered office.

Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration

  1. Easily Setup and recommend to Growing Startups.
  2. Limited Liability for Members.
  3. More Credibility as Compare to others.
  4. Easily raise funds from Investors.
  5. Name becomes unique and cannot be copied.

Application for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

Digital Signature is the first step to form a private limited Company. All the eforms are online so its required the digital signature instead of the physical signature. In the MOA & AOA of the Company all the directors or subscriber required the digital signature.

Apply for the DIN (Director Identification Number)

DIN is mandatory to become the director of any Company. Only one din is allowed for one person. so after the obtaining DSC you have to required to apply for the DIN. There are 2 ways to apply for the Digital Signture –

1 DIR - 3 : If you are existing private limited Company in India and now want to establish another Company then you can file the DIR-3. you have to submit the all directors identity and address proof like pan card with aadhar card etc. but remember from the January 2018 its has been outdated.

2 SPICe (INC32 Form) : This is new option after the jan 2018 for the new companies. You have to require the fillup new SPICe INC 32 Form with the director details & documents. but wait ! you can incorporate with only 3 directors for the same, if any case you have more directors then you can appoint them after the incorporation of the Private Limited Company

Application for the Name Availability

This is one of the most important steps during the private limited Company incorporation. you have to choose a unique identity name for your Company. there are 2 ways to register or book your name for the private limited Company.

1 Let suppose before apply for the DSC or DIN if you want to book your private limited Company name with the MCA then you can use the newly RUN ( Reserve Unique Form) for the same. but remember its gives you only 1 chance to submit your Company name, if any case due to trademark violation or existing Company names violation your application will be rejected then you have to again apply for the same. so you have to follow the Company registration name guidelines. but Don't worry there is relaxation from 23rd March 2018, Now you can submit the 2 proposed name with the 1 resubmission through RUN Form

2 This is one of the fasted ways to get register your private limited Company with the government. In this way, you have to submit the SPICe INC 32 Form with the proposed name if your name is approved then your whole Company has been registered for the same. but remember if any case your name is rejected then there is only 1 more chance to resubmit the application without any extra govt charges. but if you still fail in the 2nd option then you have to again start the process from scratch and pay the government fee for the SPICe INC32.

Filing of the EMoa and EAOA for the register private limited Company :

Previously before introducing the SPICe's form you have to require the file MOA & AOA of the Company physically paper to the MCA but after the introduce new SPICe's form you have to just attach Electronic MOA & AOA of the Company.

Apply for the PAN & TAN of the Company

Previously before introducing the new forms, during the private limited Company registration required to separately apply for the PAN & TAN for the same. but now you can apply through SPICe's form together.

Issued Certificate of Incorporation by RoC with PAN & TAN

If everything is perfect and approved by MCA Registrar of Companies then they will be issued Certificate of Incorporation with PAN & TAN for the same.

Opening a Current Bank Account on Company Name

So this is the last step for your private limited Company. after the getting certificate of incorporation, you have to simply open a current bank account as per your choice on the basis of the documents which is provided by us.