Copyright Registration

A copyright owner can take legal action against any person who try to misuse copyright

Copyright infringement is also a criminal offence under Section 63.of Copyright Act

First Owner can apply for copyright

15 %

Documents & Content Required

1) PAN Card, 2) Aadhar Card, 3) Photo, 4) Electricity Bill 5) Original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works


Work start as soon as content and fees is received. Please note cost of Copyright is high hence we take full amount in advance

Time Frame

We Can complete work in One Month. Government Approval can take between 6 to 12 months

PAN Card
Aadhar Card

In case documents & information are required for completing the work, it will be collected from you after successful order placement

Benefits of Copyright Registration

Difficult to copy your work

You can take civil action

You can take criminal action

Secure your work

Create work credebility

Increase your Brand value

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